Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update from my favorite city ever!

I am in Innsbruck - the most beautiful city in the world!! :) I may not have shared my crazed love for this city with everyone... but since the day I first saw this town five years ago, I have loved it. This was the city that made me decide I want to one day live in / retire in Austria. And when I stepped out of the train station yesterday, it was truly like coming home. It was absolutely amazing. I love this town so much.

My hostess... I can't properly express how wonderful she is. She met me at the train station, took me on a tour of the city, and then we went back to her house to drop off my bag. She had chocolates and a towel waiting on my pillow. Then we headed up to the site of the Olympic Winter Games from 1964 and 1970-something (and I think they will be held again here soon!) and did some hiking around. The hills / trails have cows and horses grazing on them right now. It was really cool to see! Walked around a bit there in the rain, and then headed to a little lake further down the road. Also really cool! There were huge koi in the lake that were obviously well-fed by the tourists at the campground there. There was also a lakeside restaurant that had a live concert going on while we were there - a keyboardist and guitarist.

Taking lots of pictures. I'm going to do the tourist thing here and get the Innsbruck card. It's 34 Euro for 48 hours, and you can take the tram up the Nordkette for free, as well as discounts at restaurants around town (like where we're going for our Tiroler Abend tonight) and free museums. Tomorrow in the Nordkette, they host a Jazz brunch from 11 to 13, so Theresa and I are going to go up together, I think, and then perhaps hit the Swarovski crystal museum somewhere around here.

All that to say - I've been here for less than 24 hours and my time here has only served to convince me more that this is where I am meant to be. I will settle down here eventually. Have a home here. Whatever the case may be.

I think we're ready to head out for the day! More later. :)

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