Friday, November 18, 2011

Candice got married!!!

Sir Gingerbeard and I got all dolled up last night and headed off to Candice & Danny's wedding! What a blast! I am so amazingly happy for them. They are so beautifully in love and witnessing their wedding was such an honor. Danny is so obviously head over heels for her. He was singing to her during their first dance song, took her shoes off at one point in the evening since her feet hurt, and was giving her sweet kisses all night. Candi is so enamored by him. Just watching two people so in love was such a blessing.

My favorite part of their reception was their photo booth. SO much fun! I got two shoots in with Sir Gingerbeard, photo bombed Candi and Brittany, and then got a shoot in with Candice as well. The photos are so adorable. Two strips printed out after each set - one for us, and one for the scrapbook. Such an adorable idea! I definitely think I'm going to need to do something similar.

Sir Gingerbeard was just amazing. I wore my green heels (which are broken) but brought a change of shoes since I figured I'd probably need them at some point. As the buffet line was opening, we were walking to get in line, and I made a comment about how my toesies were hurting. He, being the wonderful man he is, rushed off to the car to grab my other heels for me.

He dipped me at the end of "At Last," on the dance floor, and requested Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight." We shared a piece of wedding cake and relaxed on a bench outside at the end of the evening. I feel so lucky and special. He opened my door for me all night, told me to blame being late on him (I didn't), and... totally swept me off my feet. He makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

Tuesday, we had a dinner date here at the house. Sir Gingerbeard came over when he got off work, and we made dinner together. He brought over two bottles of wine (the FireBlock Grenache and a bottle of bubbly!) and we hung out all night chatting on the couch, watching silly music videos, showing off our dance moves, and talking about life. His mom called at one point and left a fairly important voicemail, so he called her back. He said he was having dinner with me, and praised my cooking like crazy. She asked about me and how I was. It was pretty obvious they've had at least one conversation about me in the recent past. Adorable.

He also said that if things continue to go the way they have been, he would love to have me as his date for his brother's wedding in February, and for his best friend's wedding next summer. Both are out of state, on the East Coast. Planning for the future! Exciting!

I just got home after dropping off several drunk people and cleaning vomit from my car. I am totally wiped and am going to pass out. More on Sir Gingerbeard's wonderfull-ness and everything else later!

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