Sunday, November 20, 2011

I didn't think I could be more smitten.

And then last night happened.

We had already established that he is kind, generous, and giving. He has a huge heart. He is fun and respectful. Last night, I learned that he is both patient and... sacrificing might be the wrong word, but whatever the opposite of self-serving is, that's him. We were in a situation that was just really eye-opening for me. It made me appreciate even more the man that he is. I feel so lucky and blessed. And as weird as it might sound, I feel protected. He is amazing. No doubt about it.

We chatted on the phone tonight for two hours. He's coming over tomorrow for dinner (and maybe to meet Shari, if she's here late enough!) and I should probably head to bed if I have to head to the grocery store in the morning. I think we're going to have that scary conversation, too. I won't lie; I'm pretty nervous, but at the same time, I am fairly confident it will go well.

My eyes are trying to close. I'll try to get some of our super cute pictures up soon! Ciao.

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