Friday, November 4, 2011

Today couldn't be better if it tried.

I have had a truly spectacular day.

School was acceptable. Nothing special. Organic Chemistry test today. Didn't totally finish it, but neither did probably 80% of the class, so I'm sure there will be a hefty curve.

Stopped by the bank on the way home and deposited last week's paycheck. Yay for money! Got back to the house and started the delicious cookies as atonement for my actions on Wednesday. Called Rose and chatted for almost an hour and a half. One of the best decisions I've made in a while. Not only were we able to talk through past disagreements and hurt feelings, but we both did some apologizing and ended the call with a much more positive impression of each other. Like, she's someone I might actually like. Never thought I would find myself saying that, but I'm really glad we talked today.

Got off the phone and ran out the door to work with a plate of cookies. Dropped 'em off at the front and went back to chat with Dawn and my favorite wino about a few things. Got a few meager tastes (definitely not an ounce) and then inspected the heavier stuff for tomorrow night.

I gave Kris a call to see what she's wanting to drink, and she asked what I was making for dinner, so dinner it is! I asked SAM what he was wanting, since he was standing there. (He's not picky.) And when he found out I was making dinner, he said he would bring a bottle of wine. <3

We chatted for a few minutes about logistics. I told him if he wanted to meet me back at work when I'm off and we can head over to the house together, that would work. He said he knows exactly where I live, but it would probably be easier to just follow me. So I looked at him with a suspicious look and said, "Uh, you know where I live?"

He started laughing and said "Yeah, I stalk you. I'm definitely going to give you a hard time. I wonder how much you remember from the other night." And of course then I wanted to die of embarrassment. Yes, I did remember he brought me home; it just slipped my mind momentarily.

I go up to the bar to sample some the spirit I was contemplating, and Army Guy comes rushing up, licking cookie off his lips, thanking me for bringing them in. I fell over myself trying to apologize, and he totally brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal at all. Then told me if I ever need someone to ride one of the motorcycles in the garage, he'd volunteer his services. :P

Came home and called mom. Chatted with her for a while. Chatted with Kris and Dave for a while. Got a text message complimenting my fab cookies. Slathered mask on my face and then walked down to check the mail, completely forgetting that I probably looked a fool. And now it's raining, which I absolutely love!

I let go of some 2+ year old negativity today, and it feels amazing. Ate a delicious cookie (only one!), finalized plans for tomorrow, and now I'm sitting enjoying the beautiful Arizona fall weather.

I should probably give the bathroom a once-over before I have guests, so I'll get on that. I'll update Sunday after our date. <3


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