Saturday, March 24, 2012

Huge thank you.

I woke up this morning to an email from a dear friend. Olga was the first real friend I made when I moved down to Arizona. She is a fellow math nerd, and we spent hours at the library studying for Calc-III tests and doing homework together.

She had a lot of non-judgmental insight on my life-dilemma that was absolutely priceless. It gave me a lot to mull over and seconded a few thoughts I've already had, but haven't voiced. Bottom line, it absolutely made my day. So Olga, thank you.

I also had a spectacular day at work today. I left work yesterday a little discouraged. On weekends, I have a ratio I need to attain. The average is a 4.0. My worst day was a 4, and best day was a 17.25... until yesterday. I left with a 3.42 and was pretty down about it. Especially being on the bar for the first time after the class I just went through, I felt like it sent all the wrong signals. Well today turned that around! My ending ratio was a 14.5. No complaints here! I more than made up for yesterday's numbers, and that's my second best day ever!

Overall, no complaints from me about today. I get to wake up early in the morning and go grocery shopping so I can make beef stew. Tomorrow is bound to be another great day, if beef stew is involved!


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