Friday, March 23, 2012

Well, shit. I'm fat.

What's a proper quarter-life crisis if you don't let yourself go, right?

I'm doing a 10-week weight loss challenge with some lady friends. It started this week, so I ran down to Bed, Bath, & Beyond (one of my favorite stores ever!) after work tonight to pick up a scale.

According to my BMI, I'm overweight. According to my body fat percentage (and the American Council on Exercise), I'm obese.

I guess the good news is that I'm down more than 7 lbs. since the new year. The bad news is that I'm still a fat cow. Perhaps I'll use this opportunity to cross off that goal of exercising 60 minutes every day for a month.

I was absolutely horrified to see that I'm almost 40-lbs. heavier than I was at this same time last year. Ugh.

I suppose I'll kick this off by getting enough sleep tonight (or going to bed early, anyway!), finishing off my liter of water, and maybe doing some HIIT tomorrow. I'm thawing some stew meat so I can make beef barley stew tomorrow. I got blackberries at the grocery store yesterday, so I think I might have some with my greek yogurt in the morning.

Here's to getting skinny again. I'm heading to bed before 11:30. Maybe I'll dream my svelte bod back.

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