Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today rocked!

Today didn't start out so awesome. It wasn't bad - just not noteworthy. Meh.

Kris asked me if Kyle would be willing to help them start packing/moving stuff tomorrow. He initially agreed, so I let Kris and Dave know we would be over for dinner / to help tomorrow evening. An hour or so later, he responded that he forgot he was going to be busy catching other men's balls (around his face, mostly) for hours tomorrow night. And I always feel shitty saying "oh hey, totally count on this!" and then recounting it later. So I got mad about it. Whatever.

While I was sitting there pouting, I missed the yoga class I had intended to go to. Then I was on the phone and realized the next one started in 15 minutes, so I missed that one, too. I ended up going to the last class of the night, and I think I found my new favorite teacher... which leads me to my huge news.

Step dancing ruined my hips/knees/ankles in a big way. Sitting on my knees is usually a chore because it hurts my ankles. And not being told to turn out from the hip makes my flexibility all whack. Long story short, it means sometimes I'm crap at some of the yoga poses. Like this one.

In all my yoga days, I've never been able to do toe stand. UNTIL TODAY. I was only able to go down on one side (my foot tends to slip so I couldn't make it happen on both sides), but I did it.

I also rocked at Eagle, Standing Head-to-Knee, and Triangle. And Cobra. And Rabbit. And, and, and...

I was so pleased with my practice tonight, it made my entire day.

If you have the chance to take a class with Audrey (or Reba, who is my second favorite) at BYT, definitely do it.


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