Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another overwhelming day.

Yesterday was the start of my mole scare which scares me more the more I think about it. I wonder how long I've had that mole there. I haven't ever peeked between my toes for moles. This whole thing is really unnerving.

Today, Mom and I placed an order with Jackie and then headed back up the hill so Mom and Dad could sign the closing paperwork for Billie & Wally's house.

OMG. I am surprised I didn't start bawling like a baby. That was such an emotional experience.

Billie and Wally were like grandparents to me growing up. They are 83 and 88, and we moved into the neighborhood right when their kids were old enough to be out of the house, but not old enough to have made babies yet. Sara and I used to go over to their house weekly for tea parties, where Wally would make spice cake. He is the one that dad gets his "When I want cake, I want all I want" comment from. We had gone over there one day when Wally was supposedly on a diet, and apparently he didn't take too kindly to being reminded of that.

Billie had her first stroke back in 2004. I was in high school, and remember going to visit her in the hospital. It had happened when they were at the car wash. It was a large stroke, but she was able to regain most of the function to that side, and even was walking again.

In the summer of 2006, she had another one. A massive one. She was even in a coma for four days. Since then, she hasn't recovered. It broke my heart seeing her today in her bed, where she is confined because she isn't able to get up and move around the house. She isn't even able to swallow foods, so she is fed through a tube. After nearly five years, her family finally acquiesced to her requests for water out of a sippy cup, so that is the only thing she can have in her mouth.

So she's obviously doing poorly. Wally is walking around like normal - he has some balance issues so he uses his walker if he's going to head down the hallway or something, but he can walk around the room just fine. But he has Parkinson's and can't even sign his name anymore. Heather had to hold his hand/wrist and help him sign the closing documents for the house today.

As we were getting ready to leave, I stood up next to the bed and gave Billie a hug. I told her that if I'm home for Christmas, I will stop by again and see her. She got really emotional and asked if I would really do that. She said she would like that. How can that not affect you? So of course I promised that not only will I see her if I'm home, but that I will come home and see her. I also made a mental note to send her letters/cards much more often. She is still able to see fine, so I know she would appreciate that.

She mentioned how rough it was emotionally for them to finally be selling the house, and reminded me of memories we shared there. Mom walked out of the room crying at least once. It was just a really overwhelming time for everyone, I think.

On the bright side, I had a pre-birthday dinner tonight at Benihana with Mom. Dad is off on his way up to Dawson, with Harry. I sat next to two VPs who are up here expanding their petroleum company. One is from Australia and the other is from Ireland. They bought me a glass of wine and said if they'd known earlier that it was my birthday, they would have bought another bottle to share. They were super nice, and the Irish one was super cute. The Australian one has his degree in "Maths," so we had plenty to chat about. A wonderful, relaxing end to the evening.

I have a nail appointment tomorrow morning, I'm meeting Brady for lunch, and then have a vag doctor appointment, so I should head to bed. I leave tomorrow evening, so it's a busy day for me!

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