Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm home!!

Back in rainy Anchorage, where it is currently 51 degrees. I had a big, long blog post that I wrote on the plane on Monday, but my computer keeps registering a DNS error when I try to plug in the ethernet cord here at the house, so I guess that one will have to wait.

My flight got in a little later than expected Monday night, so I didn't get home until just before midnight. I had sat in the very back row (29A) on the flight up from Seattle and since I was right in front of the bathrooms, it smelled like urine the entire time. Rather than moving, I passed out and slept for three hours. So conveniently I wasn't tired when I got home. I picked up a book - Girls Night - off the shelf in the library, and didn't put it down until I finished it at 6:30... AM. I slept for about an hour and a half, until I had to get up and shower before my dentist appointment. Total blast, btw. Great way to kick off my vacation - at the dentist.

Chatted a bit with Donna while she cleaned my teeth. Got one of those crazy panoramic, let-the-robot-go-around-your-head shots done. I have a small defect in a tooth, but she said that's probably always been there and they are just now noticing it because of the "coffee stain" I had. Red wine, coffee - same thing! Either way, she said it's not anything to worry about.

Got out of there without paying anything. Guess they're billing Mom - or since Mom's appointment was the next day, they were holding it for her. Not sure which, but I didn't complain. Touched up my makeup in the bathroom there, since I had woken up too late to finish it before I left the house. Then I got a text from Nat saying she was going to be a while, so I headed back to the house to grab a jacket and something else warm since it was raining outside. Went back down to Sadler's to wait for Nat before we headed to Moose's Tooth. The only "oldies" at Sadler's are up in Sleep Central now. I guess Ed moved to Texas. I spent a little time with Judy and Bernard, caught up on the goings-on of the old Sadler's employees, and was told how glad Judy was that I kicked that "selfish" jerk to the curb. (Her words.) Went to MT. Had some apple ale. Delish!

Then we went to The Look. Picked up some lingerie for Nat for Saturday's party, and giggled at everything they had upstairs. Headed next door to Great Harvest, and obviously got some samples. Headed back down to the Dimond Center. Stopped at the liquor store to take a peek around, and at Michael's to get some yarn for Nat and scrapbooking supplies for me. We're going to make some scrapbooking pages on Sunday of the two of us. Poked around the Dimond Center for a bit. Headed across the street and stopped in at David's Bridal and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Finished up the evening at A&W, with a half-gallon of root beer. What a wonderful day!

I will update on the rest of my days later! I might not get to them as soon as I'd like, but I will get it all down eventually. I have to be up in six hours for my eye doctor's appointment. Off to get some beauty rest!

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