Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sitting here at ACN International

I haven't really had the chance to update since I left Anchorage. I spent my layover in Seattle chatting with Susan, who bought me breakfast. She was off to a girls weekend with her awesome college friends and roommates who used to light their farts on fire in the kitchen. She was recounting hilarious stories of her college days. We chatted a but about the upcoming trip with Ryan, too. I guess some of the places we are stopping, she and Taylor went on their honeymoon. It was just a tad awkward hearing that she assumes I will be getting tan "in places you didn't know could tan," on nude beaches with her son.

Anyway, International has been so amazing! The Donald goes on stage here in about four minutes. Right now we are watching a little boy dance to "beat it" on the jumbotron.

More later!!

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