Monday, June 6, 2011

Part three of the 5,000 question survey!

201. Put these creatures in order from what you would least like to be reincarnated as (1), to what you would most like to be reincarnated as (10) assuming reincarnation ended up existing AND you were given a choice.

caterpillar, house dog, wild dog, vulture, male human, female human, oak tree, rock, manta ray, dolphin

10. Female human

9. Male human

8. house dog

7. dolphin

6. oak tree

5. wild dog

4. manta ray

3. rock

2. vulture

1. caterpillar

202. What do you feel unworthy of?

Nothing that I can think of. 

203. Would you rather be remembered for having done something for humanity or being a really nice person?

Probably for just being a wonderful person. 

204. Which do you value more: science or intuition?

Depends on the situation. 

205. Your best friend and your significant other are in the hospital at the same time with the same ailment. Who do you visit first?

Well since I'm lacking a significant other, I would say my best friend. However, if I was not single, I would say my life partner. 

206. Does the universe revolve around human beings?

No, but some people certainly think it does. 

207. If you are no longer a virgin, do you wish you still were?

No. I think I have learned something from all my experiences, including my sexual relationships. 

208. Who is your favorite poet of those who are alive right now?

I'm not well-versed in contemporary poetry, but I do like Siddharth Anand. 

209. What is your favorite song from the 90's?

Probably "Fields of Gold" by Sting.

210. If you were in alphabet soup what letter would you be?

M. It's always the letter I've gravitated toward for some reason. 

211. Do you believe in fairies, ghosts, aliens, angels, dwarves, elves, etc.?

Angels, yes. Everything else, no. 

212. What makes you want to be someone’s friend?

I enjoy happy, positive, honest, trustworthy, and genuine people who contribute positively to the world around them. I like people who have something to offer. I like people who make me a better person. 

213. Do you troll around the Internet harassing people anonymously for fun?

Uh, no. 

214. Have you ever seen the movie A Man Who Fell to Earth?


215. What is your favorite line from a movie?

I'm not a big movie buff, and most of the lines I can think of are from songs, so those probably don't count. 

216. What's your favorite video game?

Does Oregon Trail count? haha

217. Have you ever taken something that wasn't yours?

I think I stole a candy bar from the Michael's across from the Dimond Center when I was like 6. 

218. What is one phrase people say that irritates you?

"I seen." Ugh!

219. You allow strangers to read your diary, but would you let your parents read it?

Sure, I guess. It's public. If my parents want to read it, they can. 

220. Hot steamy bubble bath or quick in and out shower?

I definitely love bath time!! 

221. Are you allergic to anything?

Cats, some seasonal stuff / pollen, and some medications. 

222. What is your favorite Terminator movie?

I've only seen one of them.

223. What is your favorite fast food?

I don't really eat fast food. The closest thing would be a steak burrito with grilled veggies from Qdoba. Delish!

224. What would someone have to do to get you to never speak to him or her again?

Betray me. I forgive, but I don't necessarily get over things. 

225. Would (or have) you ever whip someone or be whipped by someone in bed?

With a whip? No way. 

226. Have you ever said 'I hate everyone' and really meant it literally?


227. Why do some people want to get more money than they could ever spend?

Greed and foolishness. People falsely believe that money will cure their problems. It's pretty sad.

228. Have you ever won a carnival fish?

Nope. But I caught one at some event down at the Sullivan Arena one time.

229. Did it live more than a week?


230. What's the best sounding accent a person can have?

I'm a big fan of the British accent, but a little Southern drawl sounds pretty good, too. 

231. What's the most boring thing you've ever read?

Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

232. Do you prefer buttons or touch screens?

Both. A touch-screen with a full keyboard.

233. Do you think there is a lot of similarity between the Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings series?

Haven't read either.

234. Would you consider yourself to be naive?

Overall, no. But definitely in some things.

235. Which of your friends is most likely to go to jail?

I generally don't hang out with people who would end up in jail.

236. What is the smallest amount of money that could be in a public toilet that would make you reach in and grab it?

Wow; that's disgusting. If it was my own money, I'd grab anything $5+. Someone else's, I'd probably leave it if it was under $20.

237. Would you ever wear real fur?

I have before, yes.

238. Arachnophobia or Eight Legged Freaks?

Haven't seen either. 

239. What are your feelings about police officers?

What about them? Overall, I think they're great. There are always a few rotten apples in any line of work.

240. what is your favorite line from a song?

Since I have Rent stuck in my head right now - "Forget regret, or life is your's to miss."

241. Is fifty dollars a lot of money?

Depends on what it's spent on. If I lost it, sure. Definitely a lot of money. If it's on something worthwhile or something that I love, then no. 

242. Do you like the band Front 242 (

Never heard them.

243. Would you rather have fame, money, or self-satisfaction?

Self-satisfaction, for sure. 

244. What's your middle name?


245. What is the absolute limit, the craziest thing you would do for a million dollars?

There are a lot of things I wouldn't do. I guess you'll just have to ask and see. 

246. Are you good, evil or neutral?

Haha! I like to think I'm a pretty good person.

247. Should ebonics ( be considered a language?

I can see both sides, but I don't believe it should be, no. 

248. What color is your bedroom?

Since it was just recently re-sheetrocked, it is pure white. 

What color would you like it to be?

I want a deep green accent wall. 

249. When are you planning to move to a new home?

I would like to be back in my own home! Preferably in the next few weeks. I plan on moving out of there after I graduate. I will move back up to Alaska and likely live in one of my parents' rental houses. 

250. If you added up the cost of everything in the room with you, approximately what would it come out to be?

Since I didn't purchase anything in this room other than my computer, my phone, and my purse, I couldn't really say.

251. Do you blow your nose in public?

I avoid it whenever possible. 

252. Do you want to follow in your parent's footsteps?

In some respects, yes. I would like to be successful like my dad, and an amazing mom like my mother.

253. What is the coolest web site you know of?

I enjoy Hyperbole and a Half, but I'm not sure I could pick "the coolest." 

254. Which cartoon would you most like to see turned into a movie?

I'm not really a big cartoon or movie person, so I don't care.

255. Of the following, which word best describes you: enthusiastic, fair minded, generous, helpful

I would probably say helpful. 

256. Can you eat with chopsticks?

Fairly well. 

257. Could you tell real money from counterfeit?

I have been able to before. It depends on how well it's counterfeited, I suppose. 

258. What do you think about school uniforms?

I think they're pretty dumb. 

259. What ancient civilization would you most like to visit?

Pompeii and Knossos. I'm visiting at least one of those this summer!!

260. What would make a great new Crayola color?

You mean there's a color that Crayola hasn't come up with yet?

261. If an art project is created with the intent of getting rich and famous, does that cast doubt over its significance as a work of art?

I don't think art is something that can be created with such an intent. Art is so subjective that you can't go from "up and coming" to "rich and famous" with one work. 

262. If you became president, whom would you invite to sing at your inauguration?

Carbon Leaf

263. Who is the greatest philosopher of your country?

Probably Noam Chomsky

264. If all the nations in the world are in debt, where did all the money go?


265. Is it as easy to make you happy now as it was when you were a child?

Probably. I try to appreciate the little things in life and something as small as a beautiful day brings me joy. 

266. Who knows, or your parents?

Depends on the subject. Life in general? My parents. 

267. What instrument would you like to be famous for playing?

Either voice or piano

268. Children fill its lungs completely with air. Adults breathe in a more shallow way, not filling their lungs completely. Why the change?

Why the improper grammar? And the statements are incorrect. Tidal volume and dead space in a child are equivalent to that of an adult, per kg. 

269. Would you have sex with a stranger for one million dollars?

If I could be certain they were clean and we used protection, probably. 

270. Are you completely in control of your body?

More so than anyone else, certainly. 

Are you completely in control of your mind?

I can't control what thoughts run through my head, so I guess not. What a bizarre question.

271. Which is more romantic: an expensive, glittering bouquet OR flowers that were hand picked as they grew beside the parkway?

Hand-picked flowers, for sure. <3

272. Do you know yourself well enough to understand why you feel the way you do?

I believe so, yes. At least for the most part.

273. Which do you do more often: let movies, songs and books put your feelings into words for you or put your feelings into words by yourself?

Probably a combination of both. I think communication is immensely important and I will try my best to communicate my feelings myself. However, I do sometimes take inspiration from elsewhere. 

274. Do you believe celebrities when they are endorsing a product?

Generally, no.

275. What kind of movies do you wish were made more often?

Situational comedy!

276. Does fashion matter to you?

Sorta. Less now than it has in the past.

277. Should politicians be held to the same legal standards as everyone else?


278. What do you get in trouble for the most?

I don't get "in trouble." I am an adult.

279. Should parents spank their kids?

Sure, if the kids are motivated to behave better as a result. 

280. What is your worst daily habit?

Mindless snacking.

281. If you had your choice which one TV show would you have canceled?

I can't remember the last time I watched tv, so I really don't have an opinion.

282. Do you like the taste of sweet or salt?

Both, though I usually prefer sweet stuff. 

283. Are you very precise about what words you use to describe your feelings and thoughts?

I try to be, yes.

284. What do you feel the most guilty about?

I don't really feel guilty for anything. If I do something wrong, I apologize and move on rather than dwelling on it.

285. Do you meditate?

Not on a regular basis, no.

286. Can dreams be visions, or do you feel they are always random images?

I suppose they can be visions.  

287. Do you try to write/say what you are feeling in a true and simple way?

True - yes. Simple - not always. 

288. The thief _______ that everyone steals.

What verb would you fill in the blank with?


289. What's the most incredible experience you ever had?

I have had quite a few amazing experiences, in different areas. I'm not sure I could pick just one.

290. Are you ever afraid to write/say/think how you feel?

Absolutely. I am afraid of rejection and/or judgment, and sometimes I censor my behaviors for that reason. 

291. Do you write/say/think it anyway or become intimidated and try to avoid it?

I usually write it, and I obviously think it. I don't always tell others how I feel for the above reasons. 

292. What is one thing you can't do?

The splits.

293. Do you like movies starring Charleton Heston (

The only one I've seen was Julius Caesar, but I suppose so, yes.

294. Are you gentle?

Sometimes, but not usually. 

295. When do you feel the most raw and vulnerable?

That's a tough one to define. When I feel at risk for rejection or when I am hurt, I think.

296. Are you trying to find yourself?

Nope. I'm always growing and changing, but I am completely comfortable with who I am. 

297. Where are you looking?

At my computer screen...

298. Are you sometimes afraid of being honest because you are afraid of hurting people's feelings?

Sometimes, but I definitely have a bigger problem lying than I do hurting people's feelings, so I try to phrase my honesty in a gentle way. 

299. What would make you a stronger person?

Several things, from lifting weights to hardening my heart. 

300. What book would you like to read sometime soon?

I think next on my list will be an Eastern Europe travel guide! Or perhaps an Italy travel guide. Looking forward to the trip!!

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