Saturday, June 18, 2011

I may or may not still be drunk.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Last night was amazing.

Went down to Taco King for dinner with Mom & Dad. Mom and I shared a chicken king burrito. Yummy! I think that's the first time I've gotten anything other than their veggie burrito.

Anyway. Went back up to the house. Changed, got the car, and headed off to pick up Kamil. Got to his house around 10. Put the top down and away we went to The Pioneer! I pulled up and got a rockin' parking spot at the corner of 4th and H, like 15 feet away from the bar entrance. The guy checking IDs at the door was a Dimond grad. Automatically, it's feeling a little homey.

Sit down at the bar. Kamil gets a trashcan (holy cow. Good stuff. Don't drink more than one), and I stuck with my standard gin and grapefruit. We waited for a pool table to open up, and sucked down a few drinks in the meantime. I won the first game when Alyse shot the 8 ball in. I won the second one when Kamil shot the 8 ball in. I think he won the third.

Left there and headed across the street to The Anchor. Super busy. I had to pee, so I disappeared into the bathroom, and apparently rather than meeting back up with Kamil and Alyse when I got out, I headed straight for the bar. Sat down between two strange men who I guess paid for a drink for me, and chatted for a bit. Kamil finally spotted me and we meandered away to do some dirty dancing with Alyse and the man she had eyes for.

Then I remember hailing a cab to go back to Kamil's house. And puking on his front lawn, next to the motorhome, after we got there. We went around back and used his awesome private entry rather than storming through the house like loud, crazy, drunk people. I woke up with my bra and panties on. Good sign! haha We snuggled. He totally ignored that I had drooled all over his pillow. Winner! Apparently black-out-drunk me turned him down last night. We chatted, laughed - it was super awesome.

Apparently I had dumped both of my contacts in one side of one of his cases. I'm a weirdo. Got dressed (I managed to leave my clothes all over the room, so that was an exciting ordeal), put the contacts back in, snuck out the back door while Kamil went to go tell his mom that he was going back to the bar. I guess Kamil is taking over Konrad's room for the next little while since their family has guests coming into town and Kamil's room has the private entry. Konrad made a comment about how Kamil had better "not bring back any bitches from the bar" while he is staying in Konrad's room. Hilarious! Kamil said he'd never brought a girl back to his parents' house from the bar before (I was the first. Lucky me), so Konrad's comment was perfectly timed. Made all the better because I was stealthily sneaking around the side of the house and the motorhome so no one inside would see me.

Anyway. Get down to the downtown area, and we start seeing road closures. Kamil said that I had apparently parked in an area that had a sign saying something along the lines of "No parking after 5AM Saturday, June 18th." Awesome. Then we start noticing that the roads are clear. Curious. Looks like the tow trucks have cleaned the place out. So we park next to Orso's and walk over to where the car used to be. It's definitely not there. Cool beans! I stopped and asked a cop which tow company to get ahold of, and he rattled off the police non-emergency number, since there were apparently several companies that were out there this morning. Called it twice. It rang forever with no answer.

We decided to go get breakfast instead. Hopped in the truck and headed back to midtown-ish when Kamil remembered Snow City. So we obviously had to turn around and head there. Found a parking spot on the street behind Simon's and wandered around. The wait at Snow City was about an hour, so we promptly turned around and went to head down to the Farmer's Market. We passed a lot that had a tow sign so for the hell of it, I called the number on there. And since I have such awesome luck, it was the same place that had towed the Beater this morning! The woman said the guys would be back at their lot in about half an hour, so we skipped the farmer's market and headed down to the tow lot instead.

As we drove up, Kamil started laughing and pointed out a yellow Camaro that was parked about halfway back in the lot. Apparently that guy had also left his car downtown last night. And I guess there was some story surrounding the car that I totally don't remember. There was a car pulling up right around the same time the wreckers got there. One of the drivers asked which cars were ours, and the guy that had just gotten there was the proud owner of the yellow Camaro. Hilarity.

Fucking amazing. What a shit show. $180 bar tab and a $255 impound fee to get my car back, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Also, I chopped off about 8 inches of hair yesterday.

Ignore the fat arm. I can't manage to do the self-portrait thing without getting it in there. 

And after:

Ahh! I love it! I am about to hop in the shower and wash it for the first time. I'm sure it will feel super weird. That's always the part that takes the most getting used to after a haircut - for me at least. 

And so I'm off! I'm heading out to Tim's parents' house in Palmer for the evening. Natelie and I are having a lingerie party, since Mike is housesitting for them. I promised I'd make chicken kiev for dinner, so I should probably head off and get myself ready. :)

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