Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm heading North!

I bought my ticket to Alaska today. :) I am leaving on Monday and I'll be gone for about ten days. I have five different doctor appointments scheduled right now, and waiting for a call back for my hair appointment. Exciting!!

I finally took my first B-complex vitamin today. I bought them back in April right before finals to lower stress, but they smelled so awful I couldn't stand the thought of taking them. I stomached the first one today with some string cheese.

I got an email from La Bocca earlier today. I'm on the list for their Second Sunday event! Super excited. I love that place. Free food and wine from my favorite Tempe restaurant? Yes, please!

I went out with Tony last night to Wildflower Bread Company. I had a tasty chicken feta half-sandwich and a bowl of their artichoke chicken soup. I also got a lemon bar, which was quite disappointing. Definitely not lemony enough. I squeezed three lemon slices over the top of it before I was satisfied. I'm pretty bummed that for $2, I could've made the same thing at home and probably made it better. Oh well, I guess. The sammich was tasty. After dinner, we headed next door to Changing Hands. I hadn't ever been in there before, even though I've heard so much about it. LOVE! They're definitely not the cheapest used bookstore out there, but they're pretty reasonable. They have a pretty big selection of $2 books (though they were pretty obscure ones - titles and authors I hadn't ever heard of), and a few shelves of $4 books. They also have a punch card so after you purchase $100 worth of books there, you get $10 off.

I had dinner with Mike and Jace tonight (tequila lime skirt steak! Amazing) and then headed up to see Laura and Don, who are in town for the night. I had such a wonderful time! I am so glad I went. We chatted as a group, then with the kids, and then Don and the kids went back to the room and we talked about us, about their lifestyle, our pasts... it was just an incredible time. We talked about me going out there some time. Silver City is a huge artist community so I might just book a week's worth of work and head out there. It will easily pay for my trip. Apparently they are really close to a sculptor, and obviously that would be a day or two of work right there.

Life is one big adventure!

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