Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well. 31 day blogging fail.

I had a meeting with Brenda last night at Starbucks, then headed to Los Dos Melinos with Mike and Jace and got ice cream afterward, so blogging didn't happen.

Instead, I've been thinking about things I need to get done while I'm up in AK. What better place for a to-do list than a public spot so people can either hold me accountable or remind me? So here it is!

  • Eye doctor appt
  • Vag doctor appt (refill rxs)
  • Dentist appt
  • Dermatologist appt
  • Hair appt
  • Get more Mary Kay foundation
  • Eat at Moose's Tooth!
  • Go to REI and look at packs that have detachable day packs.
  • Mani/pedi

And I'm sure I will add to that in the few weeks following. 

I went to Total Wine today after work, and John (one of the managers) was up at the front. Their Spain and Portugal class is on the 23rd. I asked him if he would comp it for me as a birthday present. The short version is yes. I'm going as his guest, since employees can bring a guest to classes for free. Yahoo! That's if I don't end up going to San Jose. I have to fit the Alaska trip in some time in the next few weeks (read: before my birthday) so we'll see how dates work out. 

Ryan and I ironed out seat plans today! We're sitting next to each other for the Athens -> Philly leg. Did I mention I'm excited?! 

And to round out the day, I just needed to share that I woke up this morning at 10, and was out the door and at the "gym" in 15 minutes. Motivator. Super skinny, here I come!

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