Friday, June 3, 2011

The world lost a wonderful man today.

About twelve hours ago, Derek Arnold passed away after six years of battling cancer. He was one of the most positive people I have ever met - even through all his struggles. I started following his blog several months ago after cancer was discovered in his liver, with metastasis to his lungs. He went through an awful roller coaster dealing with his insurance company, and was finally able to start treatment two weeks ago. He was supposed to start a second round of treatment in a week. I was completely blindsided by the news today. I knew he was not feeling well after his first round of Ipi and had severe edema, but I thought he was doing better. I guess that is just another testament to his amazing positivity.

Derek, I am ashamed to admit that I only reached out to you a handful of times after I left Idaho. I am ashamed to say that even after reading your blog, I never told you I was praying for you or asked if there was anything you needed. I regret never telling you what an impact you had on my life. You were such an inspiration to me, and you touched the lives of so many people. You will certainly be missed.

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