Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I sound like an alcoholic.

I promise I'm not. And this won't help, but...

Short overview of my trip so far:
- Monday: flight got in late. Went home, read a book until 6:30.
- Tuesday: dentist appointment. Went to Moose's Tooth with Nat for lunch, and spent the rest of the day with her.
- Wednesday: slept in! Made dinner. Mike picked me up after dinner and we went to Moose's Tooth again. Filled two growlers and took 'em back to his hot tub. Hot tubbed until 4AM with Brendon and Jessie, and then he took me home.
- Thursday: appointment with Dr. Boyce. I still have a watch on my upper eye teeth, but my lower grafts are all looking great. I got my new driver's license! Went to REI and picked out some new trail runners. Then went to dinner at Aladdin's!! Ended the evening helping Irene move some things back to her parents' house, and then we went out to Crush.
- Friday: eye doctor appointment in the morning. Met dad at the AT&T store so he could transfer service to my new phone. Then headed to the eye doctor with Mom to finish picking out my super cute new glasses. Went to REI together and she paid for my new shoes that I had on hold, as well as some other random goodies! We had lunch at Middle Way Cafe, and then I headed off to my hair appointment. I chopped off about 8 inches! We had dinner at Taco King, and then I picked up Kamil to head down to the bars for a night of drunken debauchery around 10PM.
- Saturday: woke up. Found my car had been towed. Picked it up and went to the Farmer's Market with Mom. Had lunch with Mom at the new bread place she likes (House of Bread, I think). Stopped by TMS to see if they had any good t-shirts for Dad for Father's Day. (That was a negative.) Hung out at the house until I left to go to Palmer. Cooked dinner and had a lingerie party!
- Sunday: worked on a scrapbooking page of Nat and I when we were little. Hung out and watched a movie downstairs with Mom & Dad in the evening. Lazy day. It was pretty nice.
- Monday: dermatologist appointment this morning. I have a mole that needs to be removed asap, so I got to call around in the Phoenix area for derms. Went over to Jackie's house to pick up a Mary Kay order, but she wasn't around. Dropped off pants for alterations. Went to Sam's for lunch and spent time with Michael and Jocelyn! Michael claimed he remembered me. Sam's cooking was delish. And Jojo was a blast to spend time with, as always. We had dinner at Grandma's as a family tonight. I sat where Sara usually does, which was a little weird.

And now I'm home, relaxing again for the evening! I think Mom and I are going to go back to Jackie's in the morning to check out what she has, and then we're going to West at 11 so Mom can run with her running group and I can break in my trail runners.

I found out at my appointment this morning that I've gained 8 lbs. since I've been home. HOLY COW! I am so embarrassed. I also am a little nervous about this mole business - especially since Derek hasn't even been gone a month, and his initial diagnosis was melanoma.

I wanted to get my little trip synopsis out, and am a little overwhelmed with everything that happened today, so this seemed like a good time. Tony recommended a good derm to me earlier, so I have another call to make tomorrow. I try not to worry, but I just feel like nothing good is going to come of this. It did teach me an important lesson, though! I didn't even know I had a mole between my toes. Mole checks are super important!

And with that, I'm off to bed. It's been a long and overwhelming day.

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