Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back in Prague.

Well maybe I should start from the beginning of my stay in Brno.

Arrived in Brno in the evening from Katowice. Went to McDonalds to use their wireless because it was just around the corner. The recommended hostel on wikitravel was some place called hostel fleda. Figured it must be okay, and it seemed cheap, so off I went. Had a hard time finding the reception desk because the place is attached to a bar and club. Reception is through the bar. Weird. And they require a deposit of 200Kc for the key. Wasn't expecting that since I haven't encountered that policy elsewhere, so that was a little off-putting.

Walked upstairs to my room. Shared bathroom for two big dorm rooms... Not the end of the world, right? WRONG. It was the most disgusting bathroom ever, with the possible exception of one of my hosts' in Rome. And one of the things I didn't bring was shower shoes. Cool.

Other than that, the place was okay. I skipped breakfast and made oatmeal in the room. Met one of the other guys in my room - Shawn. We ended up spending most of the day together. Just wandered around. He is a pretty cool guy. He is actually in Prague now and we might meet up and do a day trip to Kutna Hora before I leave.

Sent out a few couchrequests and got three responses. The most convenient was a guy named Aaron who was going to be home all day, and lived right in the center of town. Like, directly on the square in the center of town. It doesn't get more convenient than that. So I headed to his place.

Short version - he is a total stoner. Like grows weed in his house, stoner. The second night he was tripping on acid and came to bed with me. No thanks. Conveniently, that was the night all my shit was stolen on the train so I woke up and said I needed to jet off to Prague. I drove up with Cornelia, who was surfing with another guy - Aron - who also had responded to my couchrequest.

Cornelia dropped me off at the tram station in Prague, where Viktoria picked me up. I have been staying with her and will stay through Tuesday morning. Her parents are on vacation and come home Tuesday evening, so I have another place to stay Tuesday before I can hopefully fly out Wednesday morning. Today, we went for a walk - probably about 7km - to the zoo, up near a cemetery, and had a really cool view of Prague and the Vltava river.

I will be heading to the embassy tomorrow morning to hopefully get everything sorted out. I do have my license so hopefully that is all the identification they need. We shall see!

More tomorrow after the embassy. :)

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