Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The weekend blew by!

It's been a few days! School is kicking my butt and keeping me super busy. I have homework due every day Monday – Friday already, which is guaranteed to continue throughout the semester. Math is harder than expected. O-Chem is just as hard as expected, and with a different book than the one I have. It'll take a lot of studying to be successful this semester!

I won't have internet at the house until September 6th. Yikes. I was really hoping it would be hooked up earlier than that, since I ordered it when I was still in Europe, but I guess there's not much I can do about it, so not much use in being upset. I'll just have a lot more pool time than expected in the next week.

I finished another book. I'm up to 7 now, I believe. Fast Track to Romance by Lauren Casey. Meh. It's just a bunch of ideas. 365 of them, in fact. It did prompt me to make my own list of 100 dates I want to go on, though! Finally! Kyle and I had started one when he was deployed, and I think we stopped at 30. I came up with all 100 today.

I returned the transformer to REI today. I thought I remembered it being more expensive than I got back, but it was quite a while ago. Maybe I just thought so because it was significantly more expensive than just the little adapter things. I walked up to the counter and told the guy I didn't have my receipt, but I could give him my number, and he joked around for a minute. Mildly entertaining.

The old apartment complex today refused to give copies of work orders from our file. Apparently we have to contact their attorney. NOT PLEASED. I am so glad I/we moved out of that place. It was miserable living there, and it's been even worse dealing with them since then.

Called Kokopelli today to make another reservation and the information they're giving me is different than what Groupon told me. I'm not super interested in paying 220 bucks (side note: this font puts a smiley face in place of the dollar sign. An extra 100 bones isn't something to smile about.) for the same room I was going to get for much cheaper. Plus I guess the wine tasting isn't included anymore either. LAME. This had better be resolved properly tomorrow, or I'll be pretty peeved.

I suppose I should head out again. I have O-Chem homework due tonight that I need to start working on, and some German homework due tomorrow that I need to finish as well.


P.S. I'm obviously changing things around a little bit - starting with the font. Like it? Don't like it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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