Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whew! First week down.

Wow! The first week of school is finally over. Life is going to be super busy – that's for sure. I have a to-do list for this weekend that is literally an entire page. No empty lines. And I have ONE of them crossed off. It's going to be a long weekend. I think things should get a little easier once I have unpacked and moved in here. Yes, I have a lot of school stuff on my list, but I also have a lot of general housekeeping – not just cleaning, but things that need to be taken care of since I've been gone for the last month.

My little monster bird has been super adorable today. She let me hold her, let someone else hold her, and wasn't a little hellion when I tried to clip her nails earlier! I don't remember if I shared the story of the last nail-clipping fiasco, but I gave up after 30 minutes, when I had only clipped one nail.

I have a full trash can to take to the recycling bin either later tonight or tomorrow. That was quick! I think unpacking all these boxes and realizing how much crap I truly save when I don't need to really helped. I also started to go through the big “collector” bin that I keep under my end table. Tons of crap that I don't need.

I suppose I shouldn't spend too much time updating since I have an overwhelming to-do list... and am hosting my first Couchsurfer tomorrow. (Don't worry, Mom. I have a pistol and a knife here.) I would like to have the house (relatively) clean and most of my homework done so I'm actually decent company - especially because I don't have internet at the house, so if I am busy, he won't have much to do here.

Looks like I'll cross that goal off my list earlier than expected!

Back to the grindstone. Ciao!  

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