Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much for leaving today.

Oh, Praha. I should have left three and a half hours ago. Instead, I am sitting in the lounge at the courtyard marriot attached to the airport.

My flight to Amsterdam was a-ok, but my flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta had been cancelled, so I was rescheduled for a flight to Amsterdam and then Minneapolis tomorrow. I land at about 4pm, so I will miss my first two classes and probably be late for the third, but I suppose it could be worse. My own fault for scheduling my flight so close to the start of school, I suppose.

I've been hanging out with a guy named Matt (different Matt than the one I met last night, who was also awesome) who was supposed yo be on the same two flights. He is flying instead to Paris in the morning and bring re-routed from there. What a nightmare. But he is here on a business trip with the company card, so we grabbed lunch together earlier at no cost to me. Bonus. We have been swapping school and road trip / eurotrip stories and having a blast. He seems slightly hippy-ish. We had lunch on the ground barefoot, sitting in the grass.

Had breakfast with Leah this morning before we left. She and Ryan disagreed on mist things which made for an interesting conversation. She gave us directions to the airport using public transportation which was super helpful.

I suppose Ryan is on his way to Minneapolis right now. So jealous. I should have been on that flight. I can't do anything about it and I guess if I'm going to be stuck somewhere, at least it is at the start if my journey and I'm not stranded somewhere. And being put up in the marriot is a bonus for sure. I just would really have liked to be home today.

And I discovered something earlier today that made me feel like the biggest fool ever. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.

The sky is blue and it is a beautiful day. I suppose I should enjoy the cool weather while I have it. Sayonara! Hopefully my next update will be on my way home.

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  1. Damn girl!!?? Let yer 'passport get some criminal gets to use yer old one as a fake! You should have sold it!!

    You miss the big dust storm in AZ?? Big news-

    Welcome back, toots. Can't wait to grill ya!! 100 questions, comin' yer Way !

    Cheers, Brian