Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Went to Auschwitz today.

And I determined that your experience is really determined by the guide you have. We went with a group. If you're with a group, you are required to have a guide. And ours sucked.

First, he mumbled a lot. He was really difficult to understand in general.

Then he decided it was acceptable to use dramatic pauses and whispers often and at really inappropriate times. Coupled with his mumble and the fact that we were wearing headphones / he was talking through a mic, he was nearly impossible to understand half the time.

However, we joined another guide's group for Auschwitz II-Birkinau, and she happened to speak English much more clearly. That was a much better tour and I wish we would have tagged along with her to begin with.

I actually thought the Dachau experience was a much more embodying one. This seemed rushed, was confusing at times, and was just... not what I was expecting. I do hope to go back at a later date (and after 3PM, as they require a guide before that time) and spend more time there on my own.

And now it's 1 AM and I should probably head to bed. I heard about several book titles and a movie relating to Auschwitz that I will talk about later (and they're on my Amazon wish list if anyone feels like checking them out). Until next time!

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