Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ah. Winding down the day.

I saw such an amazing, heart-warming video earlier today. A motorcyclist was involved in a crash, and got trapped under a burning car. A group of by-standers lifted up the car so someone could drag the guy out of harm's way. How awesome!

I also read an interesting article today about signs that might mean impending divorce. I agreed with all of them, but thought most were a bit evident. I saw a discussion about the article, though, where a woman said something that I absolutely agreed with. She had attended marriage counseling, and her therapist told her the number one predictor of divorce was contempt for one's partner. Completely agree. It made me think of Kyle, actually. How much contempt he had for me that he didn't even think he needed to share positive things about me/our relationship with his friends and family - that it was totally acceptable to share only the negative. 

I LOVE MONSOON SEASON!! It's raining like crazy right now, and I have the deck door open so I can hear and smell everything. I love the smell of rain. Tonight is gorgeous. 

I forgot to mention yesterday - I completed 15 of 30 things on my to-do list this weekend! That's a pretty big deal for me, since obviously 30 things is way overkill. I purposely put a zillion things on there because I feel like overloading myself, I guess. But completing half of them is awesome, and I was pretty excited about that. 

I have a Java test tomorrow, and a P-Chem test on Thursday. I also have a German essay due on Thursday. These next few days are going to be super busy! 

And to top it all off, I just got a coupon for a 2 dollar Jamba Juice all-fruit smoothie! Today rocks. :)

Off to study. Ciao!

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