Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 101 update, and a little more!

Oh my. Never a dull day with puppies around, right? They got in a huge fight earlier and drew blood, so I get to give my first puppy bath in a LONG time a little later this afternoon. In fact, last time I remember bathing a dog is when we used to take Legion to that place on Old Seward that had the doggie dryers. (Always an entertaining experience, by the way – to watch your dog, or even someone else's, in the doggy dryer.

Twister is definitely the more laid-back one of the two. She is also much better behaved. Jinx is highly entertaining and super adorable as well, but she's a trouble maker... and likes to shit on my floor, which is a problem.

I've sold five books on Amazon so far, in just 24 hours! Made over 400 bucks! I'm pretty excited about that. The only bummer is that since I'm a new seller, Amazon waits 14 days before disbursing any money. The idea behind selling them was so I would have money to pay tuition... but oh well. I think I've come up with something else that will work.

The EV Italian meetup group I'm in is having another awesome potluck this weekend, and I think I'm going to go - perhaps with the same person I went with last time. I still have two and a half of those 12-oz. clamshells of raspberries, so I might make a cherry/raspberry tart.

An August 101 update:

School just started less than two weeks ago, so I haven't completed any of my scholastic goals yet. The only financial goal I've worked on is using coupons. I have used #5.50 in coupons since I got home.

I'm currently working on the giving up soda goal. That one hasn't been too tough for me, since I'm not a big soda person anyway. I started the day after I got home (8/19), since I couldn't resist ginger ale on the plane.

I completed one more book, so I am up to seven of 100. I'm working on a few others right now and have six currently checked out from the library, so I guess we'll see how much reading I can get done over the weekend. (Three of them are due on the 5th.)

I visited another museum! I forgot to mention that I went to the Swarovski Crystal Museum with Theresa when I was in Innsbruck. That's three down.

I am almost finished with my 101 happy list! I'm somewhere in the 80s, I think. I only have a few more things to go.

I also wrote a letter to myself in 10 years, but I'm not totally happy and want to revise it, so I haven't crossed that one off the list yet.

I completed more of the 365 questions! I have 90 of them answered right now.

I'm working on losing weight. I created a new blog last week to log my caloric intake and daily exercise so I can better hold myself accountable to that goal.

I also worked on my freerice donations, and am up to 14,000 and change, I believe. With my goal of 1Million, I should be donating approximately 1,000 grains per day, so I obviously am WAY behind. However, once I have a reliable internet connection in the house, I think I will make that more of a priority.

I brought my first load of recycling to Kiwanis Park on Sunday. There's one of my ten trashcans to cross off! I also brought a huge box, but I'm just counting that as one load of stuff.

I have sold four items of clothing and have three to donate right now. That's more than 20 percent of my 30 items!

All in all, I've made progress toward 11 of my goals! Not bad for a month.

For September, I plan to complete:
- Give up soda for 30 days
- Knit a hat
- Make a 101 happy list
- Write a letter to myself in 10 years
- Don't log into facebook for 14 days

and hope to make progress on many, many more!

In October, I hope to complete:
- Earn an A on an O-Chem exam
- Write thank-you notes to Mr. Brown & Mrs. Phillips
- Visit 5 new restaurants and blog/yelp about the experiences
- Floss every day for 30 consec.. days
- Complete bone marrow registry testing.

So I have something to work toward! If I am able to complete all 10 of those goals in the next two months, that would be awesome.

By the end of October, I also hope to have made the following progress on my ongoing goals:
- Have 25 customer points
- Write Billy & Wally twice
- Watch 1 old but new to me movie (for a total of 2)
- Cook 5 new recipes and put photos up.
- Read 5 more books (for a total of 12)
- Answer 110 of the 365 questions (to put me at 200 completed)
- Have donated 75,000 grains of rice
- Recycle 4 more trashcan loads (for a total of 5)
- Get rid of a total of 15 items from my closet. 

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