Friday, September 9, 2011

Sad day.

I'm pretty bummed out that I'm not in Charlotte right now. Alaska wasn't able to find any flights (I called three times today) to get me out this afternoon after their screw-up, so I guess I'm staying in town for the holiday weekend. I was really looking forward both to this training event, and to seeing Mike & Jacey again. Not much I can do, though. I will make this a productive weekend! And I scheduled a PBR with Jacey for a few days out, so at least I have a little forward momentum. 

We had an amazing lightning show tonight. I noticed it first around 8:15/8:30ish when I walked to the gym. It continued for almost another three hours - lighting up the sky and hearing the amazing thunder follow. I love Arizona monsoon season. 

Our first O-Chem test was today. I don't think I rocked it, but I don't think I did too poorly either. I guess we'll see when I get my graded test back! I plan on implementing a regular study routine, which I haven't done yet. As soon as this weekend is over, I think it's game on. 

I was talking to Sam today, and I think I'm going to do the three-week intro to Crossfit deal. It probably won't happen until after I make my final tuition payment next month, but I'm excited! I have noticed myself getting thinner, but my arms could certainly use some tone. 

I think I'm going to head to bed. I made myself a super long to-do list since I'm not in NC this weekend. I need to get an early start tomorrow! 


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