Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

WOOHOO!! Guess who just finished all three of those library books? Oh yeah.

Sadly, most of my to-do list is still here. I have crossed off six items of 26. I tried to do two others, but was unable to for various reasons (Paypal has some security nonsense on my account so I can't pay for Sapling, and someone had the keys to the business center already yesterday, so I couldn't use the printer). I also didn't really make much progress on my master list. Six of 34 items down on that one.

I sold another book this morning, too. I think that's seven now! I am super excited to get these out and get PAID!  

It's way too freaking hot out here to do my rice right now. I'm heading back to study for O-Chem. Super fun. Ciao!

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