Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My poor computer.

He's on his way out, I think. Has been for a while, actually, but today I am noticing a dark spot on the screen that won't brush off. That makes two. Thankfully they're both fairly small and not directly in the center, but the fact that they're even there is a little frustrating. It might be necessary sooner rather than later to upgrade this beast and get a new one.

I had such a wonderful dream last night. I woke up really looking forward to tomorrow. Some parts were pretty bizarre (Mr. G was in it!) but it definitely put a smile on my face.

I woke up to the "lawn maintenance" guys hanging out right outside my bedroom window with a leaf blower this morning. There are definitely pros to living on the second or third floor that I had forgotten.

I know I said it wasn't going to happen, but I've been thinking about getting a scale. That might help me create more realistic weight loss goals and stick to them - when I see my progress in more than just pictures. Not knowing how much I weigh, or even having a good idea, is kinda weird to me. I haven't weighed myself since July. That's over two months ago. I can see that I'm losing weight since I got home - even this morning, I could tell I was thinner than I was in my Monday night photo. I just wish I had a number to go along with that to keep me motivated.

Another headache today. I meant to finish my 1/2 gallon + last night but didn't quite drink it all.

I got a TON of produce at Sunflower yesterday. 2 lbs. of fresh green beans - YUM! Avocados, yellow and zucchini squash, and then I got some dried beans. I'm getting a lot more protein than I used to because of the Greek yogurt, but still not as much as I probably should since I don't eat much meat. So perhaps some bean soup will combat that.

I went to hot yoga tonight! Love that place. F'real. It keeps me sane.

And I got a new pair of shoes in the mail! I forgot to skip this past month before the 5th, so they charged my card. Obviously that means I need a new pair of shoes.

I am totally in love with brown booties, and I love these even more than the similar pair I got when I first started this stupid shoe club.

Now it's off to finish revising my German essay and work on these stupid Math problems. Ciao!

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  1. I love brown shoes too! Have also a new pair, show you in my blog soon. These are awesome! But this killer heels wouldn't work for me.