Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oopsies! I missed yesterday. :(

Whew! What a day I had on Friday.

I got out of class, waited for 5 o'clock traffic to die down, and headed over to Kris's to get her book and mail it out. Went home and got Jill's shirt, went to the post office, and mailed the shirt and two of my textbooks. The part with envelopes for sale was closed since it was so late, so I'll just have to find something at the house that will work to mail everything else. Marked the two I sent out as shipped on Amazon, and should have #190 and change on its way into my bank account. Rock on. I can pay a little bit of tuition, at least.

As I was hanging out by the pool on the computer, there was a group of Indian guys grilling. They invited me to sit at their table and have a drink with them, so I did. They shared their chicken, and I sat there and talked for probably two hours. I love the Indian culture. They are such generous people! Two of the guys were visiting, and one of them lives in the complex. The one that lives here said he would like some more information on my company (when I was telling him what I do), so that's super exciting news!

I didn't get my to-do list nearly completed, but I made progress! That's really all that counts. I made another big to-do list for my entire weekend, and I've already crossed one thing off my Saturday list, and one thing off my Monday list! I love that I'm working a little ahead. Of my day lists, I have 27 items and have completed two. I also have a master list on my computer of 34 things, and I've completed four! I'm on a roll.

I found my size 10 bamboo needles earlier, so now I just have to find a pattern so I can knit Josh's scarf and mail it out this month! If I can finish it pretty quickly, I have been thinking about *maybe* starting an Etsy store this winter and selling some knitted stuff. It takes me about three days to finish a scarf, and I think that pattern would be pretty popular. I would get to do something I love and make a little money off it!

My refund from Groupon for Kokopelli Suites (the rockin' spot in Sedona I was so excited about) hit my credit card this morning. Sad, but awesome at the same time. That one was pretty expensive. Unfortunately it was processed as a negative payment and not as a credit, so it doesn't count toward my payments made this month (bummer, but oh well, I guess).

I am less than 40 pages away from finishing the first of my three library books that are due tomorrow. Obviously all of them aren't going to be finished. Bummer. But I might be able to finish one more! That would be pretty rockin'.

The potluck last night was so much fun. Kim and her new boyfriend Bryan are such awesome people. Bryan and I chatted most of the night and talked quite a bit about networking, too. Most of what we talked about was touchy-feely stuff, though, and it was nice to have a totally unbiased sounding board for some things that have been going on in my head lately.

I donated the first 2,500 grains of rice on my list today! I had aimed to donate 7500 this weekend, so I'm a little behind, I suppose, but still rockin' it!

I have some homework to do, some books to read, and some rice to donate. I'm off! Ciao!

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