Thursday, September 22, 2011

My happy list is finished!

Another goal down! I added it as a page at the top of my blog. $ That's 16 total so far!

I took a three-hour nap today. And I'm still ready for bed at 10:30. I meant to do a lot of things today - namely go grocery shopping and go for a 2 mile walk. Neither of those happened. I was going to make cookies. Didn't happen. I didn't make dinner either, and ended up microwaving the last of my Costco burritos that was in the freezer. (Organic bean, cheese, and rice. They're pretty tasty.) 

I suppose I should finish up my homework and pick up the house a little bit. I have a girls' night tomorrow, and then I'm going out to Kris's for a BBQ on Saturday. Staying the night there, and I have a shoot in Litchfield Park Sunday morning. I won't have much free time this weekend! 


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