Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pictures 10 and 11.

Well I had my first math test today. :/ And that's about how well that went. I wasn't expecting to do awesome since my teacher is pretty much the worst ever, but there were a lot more proofs on the test than I had expected, and hadn't prepared for all of them.

I mailed out all my Amazon books today! That's another $92 in my pocket. I realized that one of them, Amazon totally gouged me on and I ended up making less than $3 after shipping. Hint: Don't offer international shipping unless you're a big name and can handle losing out on some cash. I sold a brand new book for less than a $3 profit. Bummer.

I have another modeling shoot in the morning... and to be honest, I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm still toying with the idea of cancelling. The photographer is an hour away, and the shoot would start at 8:15 in the morning... so I'd be in the middle of rush hour traffic and it would take me more than an hour. He's good, but good enough to warrant at least two hours in the car tomorrow morning? Without pay? Probably not. And he's said a few things that make me uncomfortable - apparently his wife doesn't approve of his photography work that involves models. Or so he says. So he has asked me not to call; to text if I need to get ahold of him, etc. Just weird.

I'm up over 50,000 grains of rice donated now!! My goal to catch up was to have 75,000 donated by the end of October. I've made huge strides toward that goal, and I should have surpassed that closer to the middle of October if I keep on track.

Today was the free ice cream day at Cold Stone, so I walked away with a little taste of their concoction for the Make a Wish Foundation tonight, and got my name on their wall for a dollar.

Driving over there (or to Sunflower, rather, but in the same general direction), I took my picture for today. We had a mondo dust storm this summer that I was in California for, so I missed it. Today's wasn't nearly as big, but it was probably the biggest dust storm I've been in since I moved here, so I snapped a photo.

Now yesterday's photo. Ugh. I forgot to take a normal one during the day, and then was too lazy to find something around the house to take a picture of, so I am using one of my "Hey look; I'm fat," photos that I upload to my other blog once a week.

I am so ready to be back to my February weight. I feel like a huge cow. I still can only wear one of my pairs of pants. Even my arm looks huge in that picture. Le sigh. I'll get there eventually. And certainly I'll be there by next November, since Mom and I are running 13.1 miles together! (This picture shows less than a bikini would, Mother. Don't freak out.)

I suppose I should hit the books for tonight. I have a lot to do in the next few days!

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