Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well crap.

My reservation went wrong, so it looks like I might not end up in North Carolina as expected this weekend. Cross your fingers that I can get something figured out with Alaska tomorrow, or that Delta/American will open up some extra mileage partner seats! I have really been looking forward to this trip and training, and I need it right now.

In other news, StudentUniverse is having their back to school giveaway again! It just started today. This week's drawing is for a #500 cash prize! Enter here to win. 

My arms are still surprisingly sore from Tuesday's Crossfit class. I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised since I haven't done arm weights in more than 8 years, I don't think. And I didn't really stretch at all afterward, even though I know I should have. 

I can feel my abs coming back. It might be a while before I actually see them, but they're in there! I still can't button my pants (ugh!), but I am seeing a difference in my body overall. Here's to hoping it won't take much longer!

I caught up on the FOV blog today, and there was a post of Stephanie's that really had me tearing up. One of Brannan's, too. And the title of Brittany's latest post over on the side. That's one thing that can always get me emotional, even when life seems peachy. The women there have blessed me more than I know how to describe - even though most of them, I've never talked to. Their writing is so heartfelt - their emotions come through clearly, and they are so easy to relate to I feel sometimes like I'm in their shoes, and other times I feel myself thinking of a similar situation I've experienced. Stephanie posted the lyrics to "My Immortal" earlier, and actually reading them instead of just singing along when the song comes on the radio was sobering. They had me in tears. 

I'm back in the angry stage again. I feel like this should have been over long ago. Brannan talked about all the different ways she got through it... and almost none of them will work for me, or are available to me. Sometimes the more I read, the more guilty I feel, and then the more upset and angry I get, too. What a nasty, vicious cycle. 

Blech. I have an O-Chem test tomorrow that I should probably spend a little time studying for before bed. And now that I'm in a bummer mood, I probably should just stop talking. No one wants to hear me whine. 

Off to study. Ciao!

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