Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Math professor,

<insert any number of rude comments here.>

Over half of your students (two classes, combined) failed your test. AFTER THE CURVE. With an A having a 20-point range, and an E being anything under 30%, that's pretty ridiculous.

Please readjust your grading scale. Please also re-evaluate your teaching style. I can assure you it is not our fault that more than half the class received a 48% or lower on the recent test.

Ugh. That class makes me so frustrated.

I have a rockin' headache at the base of my skull. Those are my favorite kind.

It was suggested to me today to have a little more substance here. I've been checking out the At War NYTimes blog, and it's giving me a lot to mull over and maybe chat about in the next few days. I'm already 10+ days into my 30 day blogging goal, so perhaps instead of spending the next 20 on nonsense and daily musings, I will chat a little bit about how much I adore Michele Bachmann (kidding!), how I feel the military should take better care of our veterans, why Sarah Palin is a hypocritical lunatic, and perhaps some school politics (because I can't stand Michael Crow either).

I have class in 10 minutes that I have apparently decided to skip, so I'm going to spend the next hour and a half doing something productive and school-related. Ciao!

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