Sunday, October 30, 2011

I love my job.

I truly have the best job ever, and I work with the most amazing people.

Last night as I was leaving, my manager Biker Dude was outside in the parking lot. He had ridden his Harley to work, so we chatted about it a little bit and I gave him shit for riding a Harley. Called myself a Harley Hater (because I am).

So this morning, I get into work. Things are slow; we're chatting. I apologize and say I don't really know him well enough to give him shit about his bike without sounding like a bitch, so I'm sorry. He says it's all good - he used to give his buddies shit about riding Harleys, too. And life is grand.

Then one of the other women comes into work. She's helping out a customer, and the customer is looking for a particular beer, wondering if we carry it. So she uses our handy dandy headset radio system and asks if we have a beer called "Raging Bitch." Biker Dude is feeling pretty feisty, so he replies that in fact, we do have Raging Bitch. It can be found in the front, and has red hair.

Could not stop laughing.

Next, the HR manager comes in. She's having man problems (from what I could overhear of the conversation, the guy she's been dating for the last three years is a total d-bag). Her, Biker Dude, and Super Attractive Man are chatting about it. I'm sorta listening in, but not really paying attention. Then all of a sudden, Super Attractive Man pipes up, "That's why Brianna and I are staying single. We're just going to hook up every once in a while." I look over all confused, with an apparently displeased look on my face, because Biker Dude looks at me, laughs, and says something along the lines of, "Judging by her expression, I don't think she's totally on board." And so we laughed some more.

But the most entertaining part of my day - it's time for me to close out for the day. Super Attractive Man heads over with his keys to do his thing with my register & print out all the reports. I see him walking over and tell him to "work his magic." He looks at me, holds up his hand, wiggles his fingers, and says, "With my hand!!"

Totally wasn't expecting that one. Definitely laughed.

He takes me back and lets me into the cash room. I do my thing, and call him to count my deposit and go over all my paperwork when I'm done. He tells me I'm finished and can go, and I hang out talking for a few minutes. Asked if he would be working tomorrow. He's working a nasty shift, so I commented on it. Just banter.

I walk out of the cash office and see Biker Dude and my shift supervisor standing at the front desk, looking at me / the cash office door, with shit-eating grins on both their faces. So I walk over there and notice they're standing in front of the video feed for the fancy camera system we have set up. (There are two different cameras in the cash office.) They've been spying on us!

Biker Dude gets on the headset and says "Hey Super Attractive Man, need some cold water in there?"

Embarrassing. Laughed some more.

Super Attractive Man responds that he's had plenty of cold water for the day, thanks. I go and do my thing, grab my crap, and go back to return my radio and clock out. Super Attractive Man is walking toward the desk, and Biker Dude is still standing up there. Biker Dude makes some comment about how he was just looking out for Super Attractive Man (who is wearing athletic pants), to avoid an awkward situation.

Couldn't decide if I wanted to die, or die laughing.

In other news, I think I'm going to ask him if he wants to come out dancing with Kris and Dave and I next weekend. We'll see if I grow some cajones between now and tomorrow late afternoon.

As a side note, Super Attractive Man impressed me during some of our brief conversations today. He is pretty awesome. The conversation that impressed me the most was him talking about languages. He walked up to me and said "Por que?" (or however it's spelled), which got us started talking about Spanish. I mentioned I am not a Spanish fan; that German is more my thing. He said German is one of the languages that has always interested him, along with...

(wait for it)

GAELIC. Because he loves all things Irish.

My heart just went pitter-patter, a little. Perhaps when I'm back visiting the parents in December, I'll take a picture of my room, to show everyone just how perfect that comment was.

Enough gushing about attractive men. I'm off to finish my German homework, and take care of what's left of the roast and potatoes in my crock pot. Ciao!!

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