Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well... fail.

Guess I'm starting all over again. No blog for yesterday means I didn't blog 31 days in a row. I was so close, too!

Oh well.

Things I love:

  • a house that smells amazing (like the marinara I made this afternoon!)
  • the tradition of parking lot shots
  • my fantastic coworkers. (Though I suppose they're probably people and not things.)
  • 7-layer bars
  • compliments. Period, though ones on my cooking are probably most well received. 
Kris and Dave are coming over for dinner tonight. I'm going to improv another recipe and see how it turns out! I'm pretty excited about this one. 

Things I need to do: 
  • vacuum (in the morning)
  • roast my spaghetti squash (in the morning)
  • empty the dishwasher and clean the sink (in the morning)
  • shine the sink (some time this weekend)
  • empty out the fridge and totally clean everything (before the end of the month)
I'm off to bed. Long day of work that starts early in the morning, and I have to get cookin' before I leave the house! 


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