Monday, October 24, 2011

So much for bed.

I thought I would be super productive today, and do some multi-tasking. I woke up late and didn't get up until noon, so my morning was already shot. I ended up taking a load to the recycler on the way home from the Water & Ice store to refill my water bottle.

Then I got home and put some laundry in before I left for my run. Came home and put it in the dryer when I was in the shower. I turned off the dryer as I was leaving for work, since it doesn't always turn off on its own, and I wasn't interested in coming home to a house fire.

Then, 12:45 AM rolled around and I realized my damp sheets that belong on my bed are still in the dryer. That is one of the few reasons it's now 1:05 AM and I'm still up while my dryer is running.

Despite the typos, I really like this image. Not only do I have goals surrounding running as part of my 101 list (to run 1 mile without stopping, which is obviously the first of the two that will be accomplished, and to finish a half-marathon), but running is something that I have used in the past - especially to get emotions out. I remember a day when I must have been in 9th grade. I don't remember what exactly had happened, but it had something to do with Matt. I want to say that I had found out Matt was cheating on me, but that was a few years later. Anyway, I laced up my shoes, left the Red Talon house, and went for a run. I ran all the way down 68th, weaving through the neighborhoods, down to Dowling. I ran and ran and ran, until I felt better. Until I was too exhausted to be angry anymore. Maybe that's the reason why I ran so much that year. I just need someone to get mad at, and then I'll get skinny. Running has always been a way of relieving stress and anger for me. And though I haven't used it that way in a while (okay, okay, a month), I love this image for that reminder. Run when you feel fat. Run when you're mad. Run when you're upset, or lonely. Run when you're happy. Run when you feel thin and beautiful. Because no matter the reason why you run, it always produces positive results. I think possibly even more than yoga, running produces more positive results for me as far as my STS is concerned. Yoga helps me relax and puts me in a more positive mindset. Running releases endorphins. So not only does it make me too tired to care, but it makes me happy... to a much greater degree than an hour of crow pose and standing bow pose does.

I passed 150,000 grains of rice today. I'm ranked #1315 so far this year as far as quantity donated. My goal is to be top 1,000. I would actually like to be much higher than that, but I didn't start taking this seriously until pretty late in the game (last month) so unless I put in a lot of time between now and December, that's not really realistic. And I don't have the time to put in, so I'll be fine with top 1,000.

Sitting here listening to Mumford & Sons. Their most recent album is pretty awesome. Before Sam (and Ryan, from my May CA trip onward), my music library was pretty limited, I'm finding. I have listened to some indie music (The Strokes) in the past, and even some on a fairly regular basis, but some of my new favorite bands (Carbon Leaf, Matt & Kim, Mumford & Sons) I hadn't even heard of before this year.

I have O-Chem homework due at 11:30 tonight, so I suppose I should head to bed now, since I certainly won't be going to bed early tonight. Ciao!

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