Saturday, October 15, 2011


One of my favorite times of year.

The Phoenix Oktoberfest was today. Like in the past, my German professors offered extra credit for volunteering our time. Last year, I manned the beer tent and served beer for four hours. Tonight, I was in the wine & Jaeger tent serving more drunk morons, but having a blast.

Speaking of drunk morons, let's just say that I was the only sober one in the tent. I was working with someone else who readily offered up that she pre-gamed for a volunteer shift. Especially toward the end of the night, she was spilling more alcohol than she poured. It was pretty incredible.

Anyway, because I was so awesome, I ended up walking home with tip money! The conversation behind the first tip of the night went a little something like this.

Guy at Oktoberfest: "You know, it's super lame that you aren't allowed to have a tip jar."
Me: "Eh, not a big deal. We can't take cash for the drinks, so it's probably just easier this way."
Guy: "Well what would you do if I high-fived you with a $5 bill in my hand?"
Me: *laughed* "That would be awesome."

And so he did. And it was awesome, just as I had predicted.

Donated some more rice tonight. I'm up over 110,000 grains. Tomorrow (Sunday) is World Hunger Day! Consider donating a thousand grains. It only takes five minutes of your time.

My heart is absolutely breaking for my bff tonight. She went up to Alaska to help her aunt through her double mastectomy surgery which happened yesterday. Today, Aunt G came home from the hospital, and the kids are just holy terrors. I literally listened to the 12-year-old tell Erika while I was on the phone that she was going to put a knife through Er's skull. I don't even have words. I was so appalled. I still am, in fact. Absolutely astonished. What a little bitch.

It reminded me (because Erika said she was going to pack her shit and leave) of our freshman year of college, when we would cram both of us into a twin bed at the end of the day. I absolutely love those memories.

And with that, I suppose I'm off for the night. My back is hurting a bit, so I might walk around a little bit and see if I can get these nasty cramps on the left side to go away. Ciao!

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