Monday, October 31, 2011

I grew a pair today.

Super Attractive Man was leaving work today, so I called him over and asked what he was doing on Saturday. Well, now he's going dancing with me, and that settles that. Super excited! He also appeared pleased that I decided to wear a skirt (with 3" heels) to work today, rather than my usual boring black slacks. I received a several compliments at work - both from him and others.

I put in my time-off requests today for the weekend before finals (crossing my fingers for that one) and for my Alaska trip, which I already cleared with the manager. I also left a note with the days I'm able to work extra hours (time and a half on Thanksgiving!), so hopefully the paychecks will beef up a little. And I guess the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year, so that should be exciting.

Fantastic day. I have a ton of cleaning to do in the next few days. Have to take a trip to Goodwill and get rid of some things. Maybe find a place for my miniature table, so it doesn't look like I just moved in. (This restoration business still has me stressed out. I wish my house could actually look like a home. And it would be awesome if I could actually sleep in my room, on a bed. Ugh.)

I should probably get started on my P-Chem homework. Don't worry; I'll be doing it with a grin on my face. Nothing can bring me down from my high today. :)


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