Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life just got so much better.

I withdrew from my math class tonight. I was really wearing myself thin between my 18 credits + work, and my math class is one of the ones that makes me a little concerned I won't reach my 3.5 GPA goal for this semester. I looked at my major map, and if I retake it next semester along with Linear Algebra (which I took 6 years ago, but need a refresher before I move forward with my 400-level math classes), I can take Advanced Algebra this summer and still be on track. My life just got a lot less stressful, and my Tuesday and Thursday schedule just opened up a lot more. I will have more time to be a better student in the rest of my classes, and more time to spend on myself, which I can always use.

There were some young teenagers wandering around the complex tonight for a birthday party, playing a game called "Bigger or Better." The first group wanted something bigger or better than a dinner plate, so I gave them one of the plants that was here when I moved in. I should have given them the fake one instead of the one in the awesome glass vase, but I didn't. I grabbed the one that was closest to the door, thankful that I didn't have to toss them myself. The second group wanted something bigger or better than a pogo stick. I didn't have anything I felt like giving up for that, so I sent them on their merry way.

A week or so ago, on one of my frequented forums, someone asked a sweeping "if you had twins today, what would you name them?" question. I've always had two boy names picked out, and one girl name, but I was having trouble with the second name. It came to me when I was laying in bed last night.

Boys: Owen Michael and Gavin Patrick.
Girls: Caoimhe Marie and Caelan Olivia.

And if you don't like my names, you can keep your opinion to yourself. I've heard more than enough feedback on Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-vah) than I care to.

I inadvertently made progress on one of my goals tonight. I headed to Water & Ice to fill up my gallon jugs that I got a while ago and keep refilling. Well I took the tops off, and three of the four smelled sour. So I ended up purchasing a 3 gallon refillable jug thing that they had there - a smaller version of the 5-gal ones you usually find inverted on top of a cooler. So now I have my first jug to go on top of the cooler. I just need the cooler to go with it.

I was doing a bit of research earlier this afternoon on hybrid vehicles, and I found that Tesla is coming out with an electric car - the Tesla S! It is pretty sexy. If it wasn't nearly $60,000, it would be on my wishlist. Unfortunately it also has a battery life of about 160 miles, with a 5-hour recharging time. No more trips to California in that thing.

I suppose I should go put together my "cheat sheet" for my programming test tomorrow. I'll update tomorrow with today's picture. Ciao!

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