Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photos 15 and 16!

Saturday (day 15):
The sunset with the dust looked so pretty. Plus, I managed to capture two of my favorite people.

Sunday (day 16):
My haul from the commissary case lot sale! I spent a whopping $32 (only because I wasn't selfish enough to snag all the coupons in sight so I could get overage). I got 3 cases of the new Trident gum (10 boxes in each case), two things of Ziplock baggies, 4 Odwalla bars, some chai concentrate, some other stuff... and MANNER WAFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I originally fell in love with them in Austria. Theresa had some waiting on my pillow when I got there, and I devoured them. Then I got to Vienna, where they originated, and had to visit the Manner store. I might have spent a pretty penny (or Euro cent!) there. I haven't been able to find them since I've been back, except on Amazon, until today! Pretty sure I'm going to be making a lot more trips to the commissary with Kris before her divorce is final.

I had orientation today at work! Four hours and 45 minutes later, I had a new appreciation for Mark and Gina, and am so looking forward to starting this week! I already love the people there, so things are bound to be awesome!

With that said, I also haven't had much time at the house today. I slept in after my amazing massage last night, went to the commi this morning, made the 45 minute drive back home in... less than that, made up my face, and headed off to orientation. I have been catching up for the last two hours. Need to run to the grocery store and get stuff to finish off my chili (Mark recommended a craft beer for me tonight, so I'm super excited to see how it tastes!), and get gas since I'm almost totally out.

I'm out for the night. Ciao!

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